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Dr Mike, world-renowned wellness coach, has committed his life’s work toward providing medically sound wellness plans and now, with the publication of his Action Plan, readers are able to take advantage of his experience more easily than ever.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog offers a wealth of knowledge and experience for visitors to learn from, including tips on a wide range of wellness and health topics (including sensible weight loss, anti-aging health advice, overall wellness plans and much more).

Now, with the release of his revolutionary Action Wellness Plan, Dr Mike has continued his work toward providing every one of the blog’s visitors with realistic and medically sound advice for bettering their personal health.

The Action Wellness Plan uses a simple foundation and convenient steps to help in improving the overall health of any patient. Dr Mike outlines the building of a basis that brings the body to its “normal state”, healing the colon, detoxifying the body and balancing the body’s systems.

After this process is complete, the Action Wellness Plan goes on to the Resolve step, an aspect of the method that involves the patient identifying any medical issues or health problems and then treating them with nutritional supplements and appropriately considered solutions.

The final aspect of the Wellness Plan, the Rejuvenate step, goes forward from the Resolve segment and takes the “normal” and “resolved” state of the patient into a time of improvement.

The Rejuvenate process involves further bolstering the positive features of the body’s normal condition, boosting the immune system, energy levels and working to prevent the onset of possible disease contraction and/or the negative effects of aging.

Each aspect of Dr Mike’s Action Wellness Plan involves the sound judgment, professional medical advice and strategies created by the world renowned Dr Mike himself.

Readers will discover a system that can drastically improve their lives through a convenient and relatively simple set of procedures.

The results possible from carrying through all of the Action Wellness Plan’s steps are completely capable of giving every individual a thorough feeling of physical and mental wellness, ultimately improving their daily energy levels, reducing any excess weight and working toward an active immune system that is capable of fighting off infections and the contraction of many types of disease.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog provides full information on the Action Plan recently released by Dr Mike. Visit today to browse through details regarding each of the steps mentioned above and begin the educational process necessary for getting the most out of a commitment to the Action Wellness Plan.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Plan is an unparalleled system for improving any individual’s life, simply and effectively.

It’s always a good time to improve your physical health and better your life through learning about and implementing a superb, patient-proven wellness plan. Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog provides full details and the information any visitor needs to start on the road to feeling and looking great with the unparalleled results of the Action Wellness Plan. For more information, visit DrMikeWellness.

Dr. Mike Van Thielen is on the edge of the latest technologies & procedures in his field and is without doubt regarded as a pioneer & charismatic, passionate instructor & speaker among his peers. For more information, visit

As with any endeavor affecting your health and well being, before  going on this journey, consult your care giver.

weight loss

Losing weight is a difficult task. Changing your diet and exercise routine on a permanent basis can be a formidable challenge and the level of bad information floating around does not make it any easier for you.

On the TV you see weight loss pills, plans and programs endorsed by your favorite celebrity or backed by “new ground breaking research”.

In the supermarket you see low fat, low sugar and low calorie foods often accompanied by similar recommendations.

So how do you know what to choose?

Whilst I cannot make any specific product recommendations, in this article I will outline six things that you should avoid as part of a weight loss plan.

1) FAD DIETS:- Fad diets are a perfect illustration of what I discussed above. You will regularly see celebrities promoting a fad diet with claims such as “I lost 14lb in 1 week whilst on this diet”. What’s more is that these claims are often true. Yes, fad diets can lead to significant weight loss in small periods of time.

So what’s the catch and why should they be avoided?

Well whilst fad diets work in the short term they often pose significant risks to your health in the long term because they require you to stick to certain foods and therefore make you miss out on the full nutritional benefits of a balanced diet. Plus, the weight lost on a fad diet often goes straight back on as soon as you come off the diet.

2) UNHEALTHY FOODS:- I know this is a very broad term but you need to avoid unhealthy foods and eat more healthy foods if you want to lose weight in the long term. Unhealthy foods include; highly processed foods, foods that are high in fat, foods that are high in sugar, foods that are high in calories and foods that contain little or no nutritional value. Just because a food product claims to be low in fat or low in sugar does not necessarily mean that it is low in calories or even a healthy option. If you look at all the nutritional information on the food’s packaging you can usually tell whether the food is healthy or not.

3) weight loss PILLS AND PATCHES:- weight loss pills and patches are another example of products that are often heavily endorsed or backed by research. However, the truth is that the majority of these products have a very moderate effect on your weight loss and without a proper diet and exercise plan you will barely notice the impact of weight loss pills or patches. In my opinion a gym membership or some healthy food is a much wiser investment than weight loss pills or patches.

4) ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES AND SWEETENERS:– These can include; aspartame, saccharin and stevia. Although they help make foods last for longer and often improve their flavor, they can also be toxic and hinder your weight loss efforts.

5) SODIUM RICH FOODS:– It is quite well publicized that sodium (salt) is bad for your health. Sodium also makes you hold additional water so you start to carry excess water weight. By restricting your sodium intake you can lose weight and improve your overall health.

6) NEGATIVE THINKING:– Negative thinking has the potential to completely destroy your weight loss plans. If you start thinking about your weight loss plan in a negative way you are making yourself fail before you have even begun. Try to look at all the weight loss dilemmas you encounter in a positive light. For example, don’t think “WHY can’t I drop that extra 10lb?” By thinking in this way you are admitting failure. Instead, think “HOW can I drop that extra 10lb?” By thinking in this way you are looking for solutions to your weight loss dilemma.

Losing weight can be a struggle and the increasing amount of bad information in the industry does not help matters. However, with the right tools weight loss is possible. I hope this article keeps you focused on your weight loss goals by identifying some of the obstacles that you need to avoid.


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weight loss

Weight Loss Plans are Everywhere

A comment by Cararta, before you start reading this guest post.  I live by two old sayings, I often heard from my Grand Mother.

  1. You Are What You Eat   and
  2.  You Can’t Out Exercise Your Fork.  (now this one may take a second! ) …..
Lunch in a Jar

Lunch in a Jar

Growing up on a remote farm with only occasional trips to town, we were blessed with home grown food, our own milk and butter, chickens, eggs and even smoked or salt cured pork in its endless forms.  Corn supplied grits, cornmeal, home canned corn and “Hominy”.

Other additions were dried beans and peas, fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables, berries and  also nuts from trees that grew on the farm.

As there was no electricity, TV hadn’t been invented yet, so our entertainment was activity, usually outdoors so we didn’t deal with the modern day blessings of  electronics used to turn people into couch potatoes.   So lets begin.

It is not sufficient to depend on exercises only to reduce fat.

There is also the need of an efficient diet plan and the effectual combination of the two can only set up a weight loss plan.

  • Well many of us are aware of this.
  • However the question remains the same.
  • How should you proceed?
  • What steps should be taken from the initial moment?

To lose weight and keep it off, you should be aware of the different types of programs available and the important parts of a good program.

Knowing this information should help you select or design a weight-loss program that will work for you.

The three types of weight-loss programs include:

  1. do-it-yourself programs,
  2. non-clinical programs,
  3. and clinical programs.

Note:  Get this next part fixed in your mind.  Mind set or Life Style change is necessary for any program dealing with changing your body.  Keep reading!

Program the mind that it will be both dietary changes and an increase in activity for at least a few months before you may see real results.

Make plans on how you’re going to prepare the foods, shopping for food, cooking times, exercise time, etc.

Plan for the dietary change, remember its not a diet which we relentlessly follow it’s a consistent dietary change needed.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to exercise.

Walking is an example of the best places to start your exercise. It takes no experience, no coaching, and tiny additional hardware – literally, all you have a requirement for is a couple of shoes (and perhaps some socks).

Really, several weight reduction and fitness professionals endorse walking as just a basic exercise program, not simply a weight reduction exercise program.

When you walk, you raise your heart rate, which burns calories, and builds muscle strength and elasticity.

It’s possible to lose weight without exercising, but all the best weight loss plans will encourage you to do at least some.

I know you’ve got a lot of things on your plate… a job, family,plus the need to relax of course… but the more activity you can bring into your lifestyle, the better off you are. ‘

The gym’s great, but not everyone can make time for it.

If you like watching sports, why not take the kids out and play a few rounds instead of sitting in front of the tv?

Maybe take the family out on some hikes.

Heck, even walking an extra 20 minutes a days can make a big difference, so start looking for places where you can include an extra few minutes of walking here and there?

Now lets add some Food into this Plan.

  • The first step is to start taking your lunch to work.
  • Pack fruits or other healthy snacks to eat in between meals.
  • This will not only save you calories but it will also save you money.
  • It is important to eat about six small meals a day when you are trying to lose weight.
  • Eating these small meals will ramp up your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Another important factor to make your weight loss successful it to drink plenty of water.

Try having a glass before you eat a meal and you will eat less. The water will make you feel full before you start to eat. Water will also help your body work more efficiently.  A note here try to drink at least 30 minutes before eating or after eating.  To much liquid with a meal can interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients in your food.

Read about Natural Supplements, Herbal Remedies and Getting Rid of Double Chins. Also How to Lose 12 to 23 Pounds of Stubborn Body Fat in 21 Days

Sometimes we provide links to other pages and programs.  You are welcome to go and read.  If they are also selling a program we may have an arrangement whereby we are compensated if you make a purchase.

Use common sense and make sure there is a money back guarantee before purchasing.  Often the information offered is worth going and reading just to acquire a different look at getting healthy.

Meaning  getting healthy by adding exercise and a good diet plan into your now changed Life Style.

Happy Hunting.


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