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A diabetic diet food list can be your key to a healthier and happier life. While many people believe that a diabetic meal plan is intended only for patients with this disease the truth is that these meal plans are the best option for anyone who wants to improve their health.

With a diabetic diet food list you can create nutritious meals that are designed to help you reach (or maintain) your ideal weight. These foods are also the best choices for any individual who wants to control their blood glucose levels. With an ADA diet you are going to be able to enjoy regular meals and snacks throughout the day. You will begin to feel more energetic, burn fat and feel more satisfied even though your meals now contain fewer calories.

With a diabetic diet food list you are going to create meals that are good for your body. You will discover that you can also use a low glycemic index chart to gain more insight into your food choices.

While many people are familiar with counting calories they usually have less general knowledge about the GI scale. Perhaps you have thought your diet was healthy simply because you selected your meals based on the typical ‘food pyramid’. With this diagram you could see that you should choose more foods from certain dietary groups such as fruits and vegetables, and fewer items from the top of the pyramid.

For instance your normal diet may have consisted of the following choices. 6-8 starches, 3-4 fruits and 3 vegetables. This is a good beginning but you should also be making your food selections based on how the different foods are ranked on a low glycemic index chart.

Carbs and Starches

Whole grains, bread products, cereals, many vegetables and other healthy food choices are classified as starches. You should always include some starches in your meals, even if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes. These foods will provide your body with fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, plus those digestible carbohydrates that can give you sustainable amounts of energy.

There are some carbs and starches that are going to better for your body. This is where the low GI food chart will come into play. If you are considering corn, potatoes or leafy greens for your meal it may be tempting to consider all vegetables as interchangeable selections. However this is not the case.

In order to choose the food that will have the least effect on your blood sugar you need to compare each one according to its glycemic index ranking. This will show you that a sweet potato and leafy greens are going to have the lowest index number. Of course corn and white potatoes are also healthy foods to eat, but if you are really concerned about creating the least spike in your blood glucose level then the sweet potato or a serving of leafy greens could be your best bet.

When you use a diabetic diet food list it will help you create well balanced meals and snacks. The GI chart will give you the additional knowledge that helps you realize which food choices are best ones to help you maintain a normal blood glucose reading.

Utilizing both of these dietary tools is easy to do, once you become accustomed to the way the foods are categorized. Soon it will be second nature for you to make your meal choices without even referencing these charts.

A diabetic diet food list will give you the knowledge you need to take charge of your life. If you have diabetes it is highly probable that you can even reverse this condition through a healthy diet and exercise. Even if you do not have diabetes these food choices can ensure that this disease does not become a problem. No matter what your current age or physical condition may be at this moment, it is possible for you to use a diabetic meal planning guide and a low GI food list to create a better life for yourself by improving your health and body.

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