Dr Mike, world-renowned wellness coach, has committed his life’s work toward providing medically sound wellness plans and now, with the publication of his Action Plan, readers are able to take advantage of his experience more easily than ever.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog offers a wealth of knowledge and experience for visitors to learn from, including tips on a wide range of wellness and health topics (including sensible weight loss, anti-aging health advice, overall wellness plans and much more).

Now, with the release of his revolutionary Action Wellness Plan, Dr Mike has continued his work toward providing every one of the blog’s visitors with realistic and medically sound advice for bettering their personal health.

The Action Wellness Plan uses a simple foundation and convenient steps to help in improving the overall health of any patient. Dr Mike outlines the building of a basis that brings the body to its “normal state”, healing the colon, detoxifying the body and balancing the body’s systems.

After this process is complete, the Action Wellness Plan goes on to the Resolve step, an aspect of the method that involves the patient identifying any medical issues or health problems and then treating them with nutritional supplements and appropriately considered solutions.

The final aspect of the Wellness Plan, the Rejuvenate step, goes forward from the Resolve segment and takes the “normal” and “resolved” state of the patient into a time of improvement.

The Rejuvenate process involves further bolstering the positive features of the body’s normal condition, boosting the immune system, energy levels and working to prevent the onset of possible disease contraction and/or the negative effects of aging.

Each aspect of Dr Mike’s Action Wellness Plan involves the sound judgment, professional medical advice and strategies created by the world renowned Dr Mike himself.

Readers will discover a system that can drastically improve their lives through a convenient and relatively simple set of procedures.

The results possible from carrying through all of the Action Wellness Plan’s steps are completely capable of giving every individual a thorough feeling of physical and mental wellness, ultimately improving their daily energy levels, reducing any excess weight and working toward an active immune system that is capable of fighting off infections and the contraction of many types of disease.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Blog provides full information on the Action Plan recently released by Dr Mike. Visit today to browse through details regarding each of the steps mentioned above and begin the educational process necessary for getting the most out of a commitment to the Action Wellness Plan.

Dr Mike’s Wellness Plan is an unparalleled system for improving any individual’s life, simply and effectively.

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Dr. Mike Van Thielen is on the edge of the latest technologies & procedures in his field and is without doubt regarded as a pioneer & charismatic, passionate instructor & speaker among his peers. For more information, visit DrMikeWellness.org.

As with any endeavor affecting your health and well being, before  going on this journey, consult your care giver.